What's is the rule on reviving old threads?

Is it okay that I bump an old thread if I think that it makes sense to post there instead of creating a brand new thread?

Take for example : Reference application JIRA workflows which is quite old.

Been wondering the same thing. Glad you brought it up. It’s easier to continue a topic in its original thread since all relevant info is already there.

Yes @gayanw, @merovingienne It’s perfectly​ fine to bump an old thread if it pertains to the question you wish to ask . Check this out.


I’ve done it recently at meta.discourse.org. Old topics may draw out less discussion… but that may be independent of whether it’s in the original topic or a new one – if nobody has had anything to add, that may still be the case.

It is possible to close a topic when it is “completed.” So, technically, if the topic isn’t closed, it’s fair game.

My 2¢: if you are continuing discussion on the same topic as an old thread that’s still open, then it’s fine to use the old thread (maybe just point out you are aware of that fact). If you want to discuss something related to the old discussion, but slightly off topic, or the old discussion had reached resolution (and probably could have been closed), then click on the time stamp of an old post and use the link in new topic feature.


@reubenv @burke great, didn’t know the time stamp trick. Thanks!

It’d probably better to create a new topic unless unless you are having the EXACT same problem.