What version of Reference Application when we have it depend on Platform 2.0?

Continuing the discussion from Reference Application 2.4 Release Management to avoid distracting from that discussion:

The idea is that the Reference Application is backwards-compatible from the point of view of features, even if the underlying OpenMRS version changes. So therefore it should keep the same major version number.

At least that’s what I think.

(We are asking implementations to make sure they are running Java 8, but that feels like something outside the software, so I don’t think this merits a major version change in the Reference Application.)

@darius just to make sure that I am getting you righ:

  1. The March RA version will be 2.3.2 on the 1.11.x line

  2. The Platform 2.0 RA release will be 2.4.

Does this mean that going forward there will be 2 release branches of the RA maintained to cater for implementations that may not be able to move to Java 8?

The next scheduled reference application release will be 2.4. (2.3.1 was an unscheduled security release. We don’t expect a 2.3.2.)

Per the other conversation thread it sounds like reference application 2.4 will most likely be based on the platform 1.11.x line, but that conversation isn’t complete yet.

-Darius (by phone)