What UI Module replaces the Legacy UI Module?

I am using Legacy UI Module for checking out the Openmrs-core functionalities. I wonder, what is the newest UI Module that replaces the Legacy UI Module?

I guess you might be referring to the Reference application module

I think you could say “the Reference Application UI replaces the old or legacy UI”. But there is a caveat in the sense that this replacement is not yet complete, and for that reason both UIs do in fact coexist, see below. The clinician facing screens are pretty much all accessible via the Ref App UI, whereas quite a lot of the system and metadata management can still only be accessed through the legacy UI. So basically they will keep coexisting until all the UI experience that is still covered by the legacy UI has been migrated to the new UI experience. I refer to this new UI experience as the Ref App UI.

But it would be incorrect to say that the ‘Ref App module’ replaces the ‘Legacy UI module’. The Ref App module is merely a configuration module for the Ref App distribution as a whole, whereas the Legacy UI module is a segregation of the legacy UI into one module (that shall eventually go away). Prior Platform 2.x this module didn’t exist because this UI was embedded within OpenMRS Core.

I’m afraid it’s all not that simple to grasp. A little conclusion glossary:

  • Ref App distro: the set of modules that when put together produce the Ref App UI experience, defined here.
  • Ref App UI: the new UI experience, here.
  • Legacy/old UI: the old/legacy UI experience (I’m not sure where is the demo/QA instance for that one).
  • Legacy UI module: a segregation module that contains all the code that makes the legacy UI and that used to be part of the Core prior to version 2.x, code here.
  • Ref App module: a configuration module for the Ref App distro, code here.

That’s much more clearer :smile:

@Reubenv, @Mksd,

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the info. MKSD’s info is the very info that I was looking for.

Cheer :slight_smile:

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