What Terminologies does your Org need easy access to? (CIEL, ICD, LOINC, and more...)

Hi Community, The OCL team is reviewing what terminology systems they should support. Right now, you can go to OCL and immediately find all of CIEL.

What other code systems do you need?

The most common one I have heard is ICD. Is there any particular version of ICD Ministries are typically asking for?

e.g. ICRC’s physical rehab program will need ICHI.

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Hi everyone! I might add in one that I am hearing more and more often, and that is SNOMED-GPS (which is a subset of SNOMED-CT that does not have the by-country licensing model). Feel free to browse that in OCL now: https://app.openconceptlab.org/#/orgs/SNOMED-International/sources/SNOMED-GPS/

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Comment from @wamz on slack: “having ICD codes and SNOMED codes would go a long way in standardization. I can see some WHO codes there but I cannot import them since they have no ExternalID”

It’s in fact the Hospital program, in the context of surgery in general and reconstructive surgery in particular.

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For the countries where Partners In Health works, ICD10 remains the most important for the MoH. However, in Rwanda, they are moving to using ICD11.

Essential for OpenMRS connectivity to other systems (PACS), we use LOINC. We continue to maintain many standard terminologies (RxNORM, SNOMED CT) on concepts, but they are not used by the EMR .


Great point @wamz about the current requirement in the OpenMRS-OCL Subscription Module for an external ID. That definitely limits the concepts from OCL that can be used in your dictionary to those that were specifically created for OpenMRS. Worth a future requirements discussion…

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Building on what @jamlung said, OCL Online now has ICD-10, LOINC, and SNOMED-GPS, in addition to CIEL. Plan to load other open-license vocabularies moving forward. Would love to hear what other needs people have. Thanks for kicking this conversation off @grace!

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I am confused why this was posed as an either CIEL or others? CIEL is an interface terminology mapped to multiple standard code systems include SNOMED, ICD-10, LOINC, RxNORM, ICHI, CVX, 3BT, ICD-11, etc. and etc.

Perhaps the question should be which reference code maps do you need associated with your dictionary, rather than which code source needs to be in the dictionary. We are trying to get away from loading in multiple code systems as dictionary entries.


From my viewpoint, these additional terminologies help people who are building dictionaries without using CIEL as the interface terminology. One potential example might be a lab system that needs the full catalog of LOINC codes, instead of referencing CIEL for those. This post might only be intending to be OpenMRS-specific though, in which case your point makes sense.