What specifically is in "bad shape"?

Continuing the discussion from OpenMRS Leadership Team Call 2016-07-07:

@r0bby, we should talk about this sentiment. Perhaps it’s coming from a lack of volunteers in infrastructure? Technical issues with Atlas or ID?

We have people actively working on fundraising, a stream of new devs committing code, the enviable (but critically important to address) problem of people offering to the volunteer faster than we can manage, Uganda hosting an Implementers conference as they work with a growing group of developers to use OpenMRS countrywide, people are stepping up into leadership roles, etc. It’s not sugar coating. While we certainly have challenges to overcome, there are many very good things going on in the community. Meetings like the Ugandan Implementers Meeting along with The Summit aren’t about “acting like things are hunky-dory”; rather, they can provide valuable opportunities for energizing people, making new contacts, and finding additional volunteers & paths to volunteers.

Also, don’t mistake optimism for denial. :slight_smile:


there are definitely challenges as there are for any community. I don’t want to sugar coat them, but i believe that we are responding to the challenges and moving ahead. One of the points of an operational plan assessment is to enable us to set goals and assess what we have been able to do. I planned, in December, to give us an A if we met 50% of our timelines; the stretch goal was 75% of the activities being done on time. We will be posting our operational plan update as well as our quarterly report to the OpenMRS BOD so people can see where we are and what we have to do ( which is a lot!)

i agree about Burke–i am a cynical optimist and i think that we are moving forward.

Not even close. OpenMRS ID issue is fixed and I silently deployed an update; Atlas issue was poor documentation for administrators and help desk, rendering us useless.

My problem is that who is organizing the Summit? Do we have somebody putting together the program? There are Volunteer Roles available for this very task. My problem and perhaps frustration that has lead me to being frustrated is (as I see it) the community I love going down hill. Did the OMRS15 summit engergize the community? Briefly, maybe…but look where we are niow? I’m frustrated, very frustrated.

I’m sorry for being cynical but I care about this community. I’ll reword the call for action but I’m not changing the second paragraph.

There are several people volunteering their time and efforts to help move the summit forward.

I’m sorry you feel that way, @r0bby. You’re not alone in your passion & love for the community. The best we can do is to climb up the hill, together, one step at at time. :slight_smile:

Let’s make the planning public. So people know what’s up.

I really am sorry if I’m ruffling feathers, actually not really…The tone could have been better but I stand by what I said.