What role do the Program, Workflow and State fields play in the Cohort Builder Programme Enrollment Tab?

I am currently working on the Cohort Builder module, and while interacting with the different tabs, I realized that the 3 fields in this tab albeit being set up in a select field, have ‘All’ as a fixed value.

This has led me to the following questions:-

a. What was the original thought process behind creating the Programme Enrollment tab?

b. Currently, the three fields do not currently seem to have any impact on the results yielded by the form, what is the relevance of their existence on the form? (This is important as knowing why they were put there in the first place would be a determining factor of whether removing them or adding functionality to them is what is needed.)

Feel free to share any additional information or resources you may have, that would help shed light on this.

Thank you.

@dkayiwa @ssmusoke @darius I would love to hear from you on this.

@ssmusoke do you use this Program Enrollment tab? Or should we just drop it?

@lwanjiru I would suggest that you leave the program enrolment tab at this time

Hello there @ssmusoke,

Thank you for your response on this.

Please, would you mind clarifying what you mean by **leave the program enrolment tab at this time**?

We are working on cleaning up the codebase, ie. making sure we retain only the things that are/ will be in use remain on the codebase, to reduce the confusion that comes when interacting with it and also enhance the user experience on UI. Thus, understanding the implications any decision we make may ultimately have on the project, is important.

@lwanjiru What I meant is that you can remove the Program Enrollment Tab at this time. It will be added to the Cohort builder later

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