What next after joining?

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Question: I am new to the community and done with the setups and earned /dev/null badge , i would like to start contributing especially to java projects. Any advice for me please is highly appreciated, Thank you!!

have you got a chance to look at Get Started as a Developer - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki


@tusimegodwin123 Welcome to the Community. I suggest you check out the OpenMRS · GitHub repositories and find java based project based on your interest. Feel free to ask questions.

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Are Active Projects - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki the ones i am supposed to select from? How are they different from System Dashboard - OpenMRS Issues

Here you can find the different projects and contribute to them moreover details and other info.

Here you can find the issues related to different currently working project and track the progress.

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Hi, I am new to this community. How can a join a QA project? I am interested in QA testing.

@neela, follow QAFramework Technical documentation(Cucumber-Selenium&Cypress Set up) - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki.

@tusimegodwin123 Welcome to our community! You can also find issues to work on by going to our Contribute as a Developer Wiki page.

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Thank you for the reply.