What module should I import?

Hi, guys, recently, I met a problem when I tried to add a patient on OpenMRS system. You can see what I have done and what exception I got until now. I want to create a new patient, but I failed.

Based on what I know, I think I should add some modules for it, but I don’t know which one should be added for it. Besides, I also have imported some, but my system broke down when I add the “webserver.rest 2.12”. And this picture shows what I have added to the system.

Sorry for the exceptions in Chinese, but it means I need to add some relied modules for modules that report the error.

I think this good community can tell me what should I do in next step to solve this problem.

@d404d Basing on what am seeing all the modules highlighted on the right hand of your screen shot and there respective versions are the once that needs to be upgraded to.

Yes, I think I should upgrade them, but the add one page for OpenMRS states that these modules require these older dependencies

Well, what you are stating is right only that we always have new releases over and over and there is a likely hood the document wasn’t updated to match the current release but that shouldn’t stop you from upgrading to the new version.

Thank you! I will try to update the version of my added modules. But, what module should be added for solving my problem?

Which version of the OpenMRS platform are you running?

I’m running 2.5 I think


@d404d i have just made a commit for openmrs-core. Pull the latest changes and run again.

Ok, I will. Thank you