What is the significance of adding past visits??

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.3 Question: A user can add past visits for a patient from patient dashboard as well as from the clinicianfacing patient page. The added visit (past visit) is merely a heading containing no actual data(vitals, visit note, observations, etc). No derivations about patient’s medical history or purpose of visit can either be made from the added visit (with no data).

Thereby, I fail to understand the significance of having a feature allowing addition of past visits to application.

The idea is that you could then add past clinical encounters to those visits . If there is no way to do this in the 2.3 Ref App UI, that would seem to be an oversight.

The idea is that you can add your own custom forms as documented here.

Custom forms that you create can be entered for past visits (unless you set the “Show If” property to something like “visit.active”).

It happens that all the built-in forms are specifically configured for real-time use, but that’s an artifact of there only being a small number of those forms. The hope is that in future releases of the Reference Application we will add more clinical content that can be recorded either retrospectively or in real time.