What is the default user password?

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Hi guys, what is the openmrs_user password and where in the source code is this stored?

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If not, you may want to get started with contributing from this guide ,

Otherwise did you get chance to look at this , from here ?

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Thank you for the prompt response Nathan. Maybe just a bit of context to my issue;

I’m trying to run openmrs locally and after i complete the initial setup, i get an error that says that openmrs_user password is not right. This i think has to do with mysql server default being caching_sha2_password and not password.

I just need to know what default password is used for the openmrs_user on initial setup.NOTE! this is not the same as the ‘root’ password of mysql server.

(harisu fanyui) #4

@shlapolosa if you didn’t specify a password during the installation process then Admin123 should log you in with username admin

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Are you using mysql version greater than 5.7?

(socrates hlapolosa) #7

indeed i’m using 8.0.12 MySQL Community Server - GPL

(harisu fanyui) #8

Then it really a mysql caching_sha2_password password issue. i had this and had to revert to mysql 5.7 but any thing less than 8 will do. this is because mysql versions less than 8 uses authentication plugin mysql_native_password while 8.* uses caching_sha2_password. You could revert as well or maybe some one has a better solution.

cc @dkayiwa @wyclif

(harisu fanyui) #9

@shlapolosa you can read more about the mysql versioning and authentication plugin here https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/caching-sha2-pluggable-authentication.html