What is BaseDelegatingResource:740 Error?

I am getting this error while sending POST request for creating new encounter and observation through REST. I have checked that there is not authentication error as I am sending the username and password with the request.

URL: METHOD: POST [CONTENT] { “patient”: “610b0696-7529-4b4a-b65b-37336a75962a”, “encounterType” : “67a71486-1a54-468f-ac3e-7091a9a79584”, “encounterDatetime”: “2017-07-26T10:33:49+05:30”, “location”:“b1a8b05e-3542-4037-bbd3-998ee9c40574”, “provider”:“1ac26e04-2f3b-11e7-8ccb-28d2440db56c”

} https://pastebin.com/HmCtCHZi

Are you able to reproduce that here? https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/module/webservices/rest/test.htm

No. This works in the test module.

Make sure that the patient with that uuid exists

I think the problem was with the “provider”. I read some of the posts in which @dkayiwa has told that there is no need for specifying the provider field. It is working now. Thanks.