What I picked up at OSCON 2015


I happened to attend this year’s Open Source Convention(OSCON), i went to several sessions and below are some of the things that caught my eye and i think OpenMRS can benefit from:

JSON at work: Turns out there is several things we can do with JSON that we currenly do manually in our code bases, e.g json validation using json schemas, JSON search and transformation, XML has support for most of these and in theory these are supposed to be the JSON equivalents. You can find more details from the presentation and the slides at https://github.com/tmarrs/presentations.git

Web Security Essentials: - owasp.org - This website is a great resource for the latest security attacks and solutions - Slides for the presentation can be found at eliw.com

Articulating design decisions This was probably one of my favorite, it also made me re-think the way we conduct our design calls, the slides for the presentation can be found here


I managed to find the recording of the articulating design decisions presentation, it is better than going through the slides, see:


Thank you so much Wyclif for sharing. This is very useful!!! :slight_smile:

+1 for JSON schema, maybe it’s too “enterprisey” but consumers of REST services currently are half-blind about what we return.

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