What happened to abandoned UI's from Platform 1.9?

Hi, I have just noticed that whereas in OpenMRS 1.7.0 and 1.9.9, we had the manage orders under administration as well as the several tabs such as; Regimens, medical history, Demographics tabs etc on the patient dashboard User Interfaces which are lost from 1.11.x.

The Rwandan folks however seem to have been using those to a great extent, i wonder whether we actually moved all these into a separate module when we removed them from openmrs-core!!!

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The Regimens patient dashboard tab (and maybe also Manage Orders) were removed from the legacy UI in OpenMRS Platform 1.10.0, because:

  • the Order Entry API was completely rewritten, thus the code would have needed to be completely rewritten
  • no implementations expressed a desire to (a) use the new Order Entry API, and (b) continue using the older Regimen screens.

They were not moved into a module, but the code is still around in the 1.9.x branch of openmrs-core.

A few notes:

  • it will be difficult or impossible to exactly replicate that UI with the new API, because the new API introduces new business logic and constraints.
  • the 1.10-era Order Entry API doesn’t yet include Order Groups, which are something you’d want to have to properly implement regimens, but unfortunately these won’t be added until Platform 1.12 or above.
  • from what I remember, you probably want to write from scratch, rather than try to revive the 2006-era code that was removed in 1.9.x.

Makes sense @darius, though i had already began on getting at-least manage orders, manage order types and manage drug orders back and had made some sure progress and now have them displaying rightly while working on posting and deleting as was done before. I think since these are some features which are used to a large extent here in Rwanda, i will proceed and at-least get these three back through https://github.com/rwanda-rbc-emr/openmrs-module-abondonedorderslegacyui/

For other areas where the upgrade has highly impacted like regimens, i think we shall leave them out for now since we are most likely to re-write much if not all code for all modules after the completion of the BA.