What does My Patients, OPD-1 means in patient queue ?

I was trying setup location and visit types. When i logged in to “Registration Desk” location and added patients, but the patients showing under OPD-1 tab and My Patients. What are these tabs for ? Anyone can please explain about it ??

I’m attaching the ss of the here

I am assuming this is a screenshot from the clinical module - patient lists. I am also assuming that you started from “default” implementation rather than starting from absolute base. You need to check the query that is executed. This is driven by configuration - by search extension’s search handler config. Check here (you need to find corresponding extension.json in your implementation)

Once you have identified the “searchHandler”, go to openmrs => advanced settings: and search for the key, and modify/use appropriate SQL.

Refer WIKI please. Always a good starting place: Check Configure Patient Lists/Queues