What do you want to learn from OMRS16?

Hey everyone!

Boy, is time sure flying by which means the 2016 OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference is that much closer!

Since this is a sem-unconference style mixed in with some planned sessions, we wanted to get YOUR input and see what you are hoping to learn more about during some these sessions!

Please comment here and share your ideas as to what you feel should be discussed. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly, send me a private message and I’ll post it below coming from me!

Check out the existing planned session on our Wiki here: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/2016+OpenMRS+Implementers+Conference+Program

Recently, OpenMRS announced its Distributions Program. @janflowers and I would like to do a session to learn what implementers and others want to get from this program, and what our next steps should be.

For example we want to understand community preferences between OpenMRS showing all the available work that’s out there, so people can explore on their own, versus OpenMRS evaluating distributions on concrete criteria and certifying a certain level of quality.

I’ll add you to the list!!! Thanks Darius!

@jeffneiman Here is my current list :smiling_imp: to start

  1. Data Migration module for OpenMRS (building on top of what Bhami has) see this thread Migrating Patient data and records from MS Access to OpenMRS

  2. How programs work experiences from PIH

  3. Future of HTML Form Entry Module - where do we go from here looking at AMPATH/Bhamni form designer

  4. DQA/CQI in OpenMRS - the Data Intgerity module was Step 1, question is what next, where do we go from here?

  5. Patient Dashboard alerts and notifications - initially on Patient dashboard, can it happen in forms, and other places

  6. Reporting Module - what is the future strategic direction, reducing learning curve