What are your most important OpenMRS modules?

Dear community members, have a pet module that you’d like to see improved /maintained regularly ? comment here and let us know the following :

(a) which module ? (b) why you’re interested in it © why it’ll be useful to other implementers as well

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Thanks for taking the lead on this @surangak. For our implementation, HTML Form Entry, and Reporting are the two most critical modules, which MUST have good maintenance/support.

A.) Of the un-maintained modules, the Household Module is most critical, and it currently has a bug, HSHOLD-3. This functionality needs to be incorporated into OpenMRS core, HSHOLD-2.

B.) We need to keep track of people within their households for public health purposes. I want to use the module and need to use it, but can’t because of the bug which is unresolved.

C.) AMPATH, MVP and others need to do the same thing. We discussed this at the 2013 Implementer’s meeting, and took notes.

If there is any way this could be fixed and maintained it would really help us out. As always I’m happy to help with testing, documentation, etc.

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A.) The Facility Data Module is also very important to us. B.) It manages our aggregate education data. We have invested a lot to migrate our current data into it, and to develop SQL based Reporting Module Reports for our education data; used for internal, government and funder reporting. C.) Lots of places need to keep track of aggregate data of some type or another. This module is the way OpenMRS can manage that aggregate data. PIH and others use the module currently.

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At PIH we use the Metadata Sharing module a lot.

Originally, Rafal used to maintain this pretty actively, which was great. But over the last years his OpenMRS role has grown, and I guess he doesn’t have time for this anymore. So, we’d love to see this more actively maintained (or at least bug reports curated) by one/many people with more time on their hands.

(We hope that our dependency on this module will become less once the OCL Subscription module is built.)

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Form Entry module because we use it for most of our data entry at AMPATH, Kenya. The main reason being the complicated forms which can be implemented easily in infopath as compared to other methods. The current version on modules repo ( runs on OpenMRS 1.9.x but won’t behave as expected.

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