what are the steps and set up for debugging bahmni core in eclipse

@angshuonline @sravanthi17 @jinal @darius @akhilmalhotra @gcliff @suthagar23 @jennifer @dkayiwa @burke @ibacher I had downloaded bahmni core from git hub. But i dont know how to setup debug mode for it. i have installed bahmni in pc with OS - centoOS 7. i have installed bahmni 0.92 on my pc

haven’t use Eclipse in a long time, IntelliJ community edition works fine. Irrespective of editor, you can always attach to a remote process

  1. Start your service in debug mode. For example

service openmrs debug

(with bahmni 0.92, you need to be root - and beware of Systemctl errors when you switch back to start the service using systemctl command)

  1. create a debug configuration (usually the editors will give you a remote debug sample configuration). you mention the IP address and port (when you have started the above service, it would have started on port 5005 or 8000)

We are getting below error, we have disabled iptables, also checked port is open and accessible on dev machine. We are using IntelliJ. Could you please help what could be wrong with it.

Error running ‘DebugConf’: Unable to open debugger port ( java.io.IOException “handshake timeout”

it works, we figured out that it was some network issue.