What are OpenMRS license costs & installation types?

what is the different OpenMRS Standalone installation , and standard installation ? does standard installation need to buy Licence or what it really mean?
i have read the readme file on download file, and i read it i saw there installation type. so what if i want Standard installation, do i need to purchase a Licence from someone or what it really means. thanks.

OpenMRS is free and open source software, so there’s no need to purchase a license for the software. However, because our software is very powerful and customizable, you may need to find or pay someone to get to working in the best way for your needs. Our software is freely available for anyone’s use under the terms of our Mozilla Public License v.2 and the Healthcare Disclaimer:


Installation Types

From http://openmrs.org/download – the OpenMRS Standalone download is a “simplified, all-inclusive installation option with both an embedded database and web server. You can have a local copy of OpenMRS running within minutes: simply download and expand the archive, and then run the extracted openmrs-standalone.jar file. Your browser will open a new instance of the OpenMRS system.” Because of the embedded database and server, we don’t recommend this for “production” use in a health care setting, but rather for evaluation.

The “WAR (for Enterprise)” downloads require an existing Java application server such as Apache Tomcat, and an existing database (such as MySQL). This is designed for more reliable systems and is what should be used for health care settings.

Hope this is helpful! In case you haven’t seen it yet, please also check out our OpenMRS Implementers Guide e-book for background on our software and how to plan its use: http://en.flossmanuals.net/openmrs-guide/

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