Wellcome - Innovator Awards: Digital Technologies

Innovator Awards: Digital Technologies from Wellcome Trust support researchers who are transforming great ideas into digital healthcare innovations that could have a significant impact on human health.

Innovator Awards: Digital Technologies are open to researchers who are developing digital healthcare innovations that could have a significant and measurable impact on human health. Individuals and teams from not-for-profit and commercial organisations can apply. Organisations can be of any size, based anywhere in the world.

Researchers working in any discipline and on any type of digital technology can apply. Examples of digital technologies include: intelligent: artificial intelligence and machine learning data driven: data analytics and informatics immersive: virtual and augmented reality connected: internet of things (IoT), networks and sensors.

We won’t consider proposals that: develop only data or record-keeping systems; focus solely on data collection; have no access to relevant data sources; include only one-off costs, such as technology infrastructure, with no key experiments.

Level of funding: £500,000 to £1 million

Applications deadline: 3 December 2018

I think this is a great opportunity for OpenMRS, but the proposal for the project has to go beyond simple record-keeping. That’s why I would like to ask @Leadership, if you think we are able to create such a project until the deadline? It would be great if the topic of this award would appear on the Thursday call.

The proposal itself is very long and specific, so we would have to start working on it ASAP. Here is the Google Document we could start working on:

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Here are the e-mails from Theresa and Hamish, maybe they will help choose the topic for this proposal:

From @hamish

For Welcome it sounds like we need a strong set of research questions and a plan. The key point that caught my attention was this:

  • “make urgent and emergency care affordable and scalable in low- and middle-income countries.” We can do that and build on work on registration and tracking of urgent care. I will talk to Mike and the PIH team about Mirebalais. For technology they also talk of:
  • Examples of digital technologies include:
  • intelligent : artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • data driven : data analytics and informatics
  • immersive : virtual and augmented reality
  • connected : internet of things (IoT), networks and sensors. And they also talk about technologies that:
  • advance the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease
  • provide support for clinical decision-making
  • improve access to healthcare, treatment compliance and/or provide patient-led management. Unfortunately, it will be hard to build a full proposal on these ideas in the time frame although I believe we could do this work. Suranga might be interested in the use of AI in emergency care. I am working hard on the safe use of diagnostic decision support for urgent care.

From @terry

I can help with the AI in emergency care also