Welcoming the OpenMRS Analytics Squad!

Dear Community,

As promised in the recent Update on Analytics & ETL post, it’s high-time to launch the Analytics Squad!

:mega:Elevator pitch: This squad’s work will shorten the time and improve the quality of using OMRS data in indicator reporting, reduce unplanned technical team member overtime, and make it easy to drill down to patient-level data to confirm the numbers are correct.

:spiral_calendar:What next? We hope that all community members who expressed interest in moving forward with ETL & making reporting easier will join a kick-off meeting. All interested, please weigh in on what time would work best for the kick-off and in general through this Doodle poll by end of day July 29. The options are based on times that don’t overlap with other squads and try to account for timezones.

:white_check_mark:Agenda: Specific questions we would like to address in the kickoff meeting are:

  • Our prototype goals
  • How often we meet
  • Where we collaborate digitally
  • Data environment: Cloud vs On Premise; Centralized server with unified sample dataset that we can use to do development and analysis

:link:Helpful links for this squad:

@akimaina @bashir @ibacher @spkabugo1 @danfuterman @mksd @ccwhite23 @janflowers @wanyee @jayasanka @suruchi @sanjayap @aojwang @burke @pmanko @paulamendola @dkayiwa @mseaton @ball @nkimaina @mksd @wyclif @jdick @mogoodrich @dmunson @angshuonline @wanyee @ningosi @willa @ssmusoke @slubwama @janflowers @jennifer @pradiptakundu Please also tag others you think would be interested :slight_smile:


Update: Our first Analytics Squad call will be this Friday at 6:30pm IST | 4pm Nairobi | 3pm Cape Town | 1pm UTC | 9am Boston | 6am Seattle.

There was no one time that worked for everyone - Friday was the strongest contender, with Tuesday in a close second. Let’s see how Fridays go, and we can always change the regular date if we need to, or even alternate with Tuesdays, etc.

Full announcement here: 2020-07-31: First Analytics Squad Call this Friday: Kick-off and phase 1 work discussion.