Welcoming the ICAP-Ethiopia team to the OpenMRS community!

It’s my privilege to welcome the ICAP-Ethiopia team to the OpenMRS community!

We have had a great 2 weeks together with @dkayiwa and the @UCSF @OHRI team in Mombasa, working hard to onboard the team to OHRI + OpenMRS 3. They have had a great attitude and have really rolled up their sleeves to set up an O3 + OHRI experience very quickly, with the major concepts and forms they need. We are really excited to see the team pilot an MVP of OHRI + O3 in Addis Ababa soon.

Of course we will join together to help support them in preparation for this pilot. I’m excited to collaborate more with them - in fact you can see below from the OpenMRS Product Dashboard screenshots that they are already working on items in a way that should benefit others.

Please join me in helping them feel welcome here!

Together this group has >100 years of HIS experience!!


Thank you so much @grace , @dkayiwa , @UCSF and @OHRI for the warm welcome accorded to us. We hope to become one among the vibrant members of the OpenMRS communtiy!


Welcome ICAP-Ethiopia team to the :openmrs: community !

Thanks @grace for sharing the experience and the photo speaks it all.


welcome ICAP-Ethiopia team to the OpenMRS community! :cowboy_hat_face:


A warm Welcome… ICAP-Ethiopia team to the OpenMRS community to this Amazing Community… :openmrs: …we hope to work with you…thanks @grace

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Welcome to OPENMRS ICAP-Ethiopia team your decision is right.