Welcoming new members who introduce themselves

@harsha89, @jwnasambu, and @lwanjiru,

Our om.rs/hello “Welcome! Please introduce yourself.” topic is one of my favorite things to follow in the community. Lately it seems like we have as many or more welcome messages as introductions in the thread. In some cases, the same people are getting multiple welcomes. I also notice neither @jwnasambu nor @lwanjiru (who have been doing most of the recent welcoming) are in the Guides group.

Should @jwnasambu & @lwanjiru be encouraged to join the Guides group?

What would you all think about coming up with some best practices for welcoming people? Some of my thoughts:

  • Try to to keep the number of welcome message at or below the number of actual introductions
    • Combine welcome messages, trying to avoid more than one per day
    • When 2 or more people have introduced themselves, welcome them all within a single response).
  • Try to reduce the redundancy and size of welcome messages
    • Instead of giving a list of links in each post, give people a single to the appropriate starting page on the wiki. Then, focus on improving the wiki’s welcoming page(s).
  • Or, what would you think about welcoming people in a new topic?
    • For example, instead of welcoming people in the “Welcome! Please introduce yourself.” topic, follow the steps in HOWTO: Take off-topic discussions to a a new topic to create a “Welcome John Doe!” topic, where we offer tips on getting started and are free to have any additional discussion with the person.

Thoughts? Or am I being too obsessive-compulsive about our approach to the introduction topic? :slight_smile:


Hi Burke,

Yes Welcome talk post is the main entry point where people come and introduce themselves.

Definitely we should encourage them to join to the guides group.

I like these two ideas.

If we going to do that there will be 100 of new sub-topic will be created. Especially when GSoC and GCI starts. Mostly this will be a topic with one or two replies. So I think first two ideas are better.

My concern is now the initial topic is getting lengthier. 1.4k replies at the moment. But maybe having it in one place also good.

Thanks, Harsha

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@burke thanks i promise to work on it.