Welcome TPM Fellow, Natalie Wanjiru!

Dear Community, Please join us in welcoming @nataliewanjiru Natalie Wanjiru to the OpenMRS Global Support Team!

Natalie joins as a part-time Technical Project Manager fellow. For the next few months she’ll be helping me with project management around the community, such as helping with squads, personas, and more!

Hey there! I’m Natalie Wanjiru, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the OpenMRS team. I’m all about bridging the gap between digital innovation and healthcare to create meaningful experiences for users. With a background in computer science and a burning passion for making healthcare more accessible, I’ve been at the forefront of leading transformative projects at @Intellisoft Consulting Limited.

In my role, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to lead projects that harness the power of technology to empower individuals and communities. But what truly motivates me is ensuring that these digital interventions we build are not just technologically advanced, but also valuable and user-friendly. Whether it’s streamlining workflows, or optimizing processes to seamlessly integrate into existing systems, I’m dedicated to making sure that our solutions meet the needs and preferences of those who will use them.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I find joy in the company of my three beloved cats - Snow, Tangawizi, and Robby. They bring warmth and happiness to my life. I also enjoy listening to afro house music and exploring interior design. I’m all about bringing creativity and joy into everything I do, both at work and in my personal life.


Welcome @nataliewanjiru :tada: :tada:

Welcome @nataliewanjiru