Welcome to our new Developer Tools Manager!

Continuing the discussion from Open volunteer leadership roles in our infrastructure group!:

The OpenMRS.org Infrastructure Team is proud to announce that @maany has been named as our first Developer Tools Manager for the community!

We’re particularly excited that Mayank will be in this role during his short-term assignment as the release manager for Platform 2.0. (Not to be confused with the OpenMRS 2.3 release!) Mayank’s work in coordinating with all of you involved hacking on openmrs-core and related repositories for Platform 2.0 will help to make plans for how we can improve our community tools for developers.

The Developer Tools Manager role is a volunteer role that will guide the design, implementation, and support of tools used by OpenMRS developers to assist in their work. The person in this role works to ensure that developers have access to the resources they need to be successful. As new requirements are discovered, this person plans improvements to our developer tools or work to implement new tools, with the assistance of one or more additional volunteers.

Mayank may be looking for volunteers to help with developer tools-related projects, and we hope some of you will will step up and join his team to assist! As a reminder, the developer tools supported by Mayank and the new team will include:

Please continue to send your feedback and ideas about these systems to our helpdesk, and we’ll make sure that they are seen by Mayank and volunteers on the team.

You’ll be hearing more from us soon as plans start forming and the team grows. We’ll also be announcing additional new leaders in the OpenMRS.org Infrastructure Team soon!

:tada: For now, please join me in thanking Mayank for stepping up for this new volunteer role!


Welcome :cat:

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Thank you for such a warm welcome :slight_smile: . I’m really glad to be part of the OpenMRS Infrastructure team. It is a great opportunity to work for OpenMRS and I hope to contribute fruitfully to its future and success.

I look forward to working with you too all :smiley: .


Congratulations @maany!

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