Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Introduction Hello, I am Xu Hao, a postgraduate studying at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China. My major is Computer Science and I like to program in Java and Python; in addition, I have basic C and C++. Often times, I want to do something for open source software. I think this is a great opportunity for me to start.

My github profile is: https://github.com/hao555sky My blog profile is: http://www.hao555sky.cn/

Experiences I have some experience in Android and Django. I developed a blog system though Django and BootStrap, and now, I am developing an Android APP. So I think I am more familiar with Android and Django.

Interests After seeing this project several times, I chose it because this project is of my interest and proper for me. Of course, I will take into account if you give me some other advice. Android Client Feature Parity and Improvements https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/OpenMRS+Android+Client+Feature+Parity+and+Improvements

Best regards XuHao