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Welcome to the community @sanket !!

Hello everyone, I’m Manohar, doing my Masters in Biology from an Indian College. I love open source just like u guys. I’m curious to see what OpenMRS has to offer the world and what I have to contribute to OpenMRS :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Carty Castaldi, I live in Cambridge (the Boston one).

I have some ideas, I doubt they are new or unique, about building technology to deliver a much more patient-centered experience in healthcare. In particular I feel - ahem - somewhat strongly that patients should own their healthcare data and administer access to it in order to maximize the effectiveness of their care.

I am happy to talk bout it endlessly but for now I want to experiment a bit with building some web UIs on top of OpenMRS to look at scaling. My dream is to begin to sign up thousands of users here in the US as well as the developing world with a not-for-profit platform starting in the cloud.

I’m 60 I have been blessed with a wonderful career, raised two boys in Andover North of Boston and am now seriously enjoying emptynesterhood.

You all are obviously doing important work, thank you. I look forward to learning more and, I very much hope, making a contribution.

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Hi community i am a medical doctor and i have a master in public health, expertise and engineering of health information systems. I want to use openmrs like the solution to manage the patients records and data in my hospital. I hope this community help me to realize this project.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mohil Palav, I am a graduate student at Drexel University. I am doing my Master’s program in Computer science. I was excited to learn about OpenMRS in my class this Spring. I’m willing to contribute to this project and wish to expand my knowledge in Java and MySQL.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Aditya Chaudhari and I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Computer Science at Drexel university. For the Spring Quarter I have taken this wonderful subject Open source software engineering(OSSE) in which I came across the OpenMRS software. I found that this is a wonderful software for making medical records. I also have experience of JAVA and MySQL which also attracted me to this software project. I am very eager to contribute to this project as a software developer.

You’re all welcome to the caring community. Those interest as Developers, starting from here is absolutely wise and helpful. Thanks; @manoharv9, @carty, @kisma, @mohilpalav, & @adityac1305

However, one is not at all limited for the community has different areas one can like contributing to, either as his/her choice to learn or as his/her area of expertise to help others interested in the particular area as follows a few to mention in addition; Documentation, Testing, Analysis, Design etc. Feel therefore comfortable to freely allocate your interest. Ask the community members with confidence of appropriate response, although it may tarry a bit but it will surely come to your way. I wish you a safe journey. :raising_hand_man:


I’m another Drexel University graduate student. My name is Ian Franklin and I’m pursuing a Master’s in Software Engineering. I also came across OpenMRS in an open source class and am very interested in getting involved. I hope to gain experience working within an open source community, and hope I can contribute in any way I can. I’m a Java programmer and would love to gain experience developing on a real project, but I am open to helping with documentation, testing, or any other areas as well. Hope to get to know some of you soon!

Hello everyone! I am Ramakrishnan. I am here to contribute to OpenMRS projects and hope to learn in the process of doing so!

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Welcome to the community

Hey, I’m Kanak Raj, a first-year student from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India. I am totally a newbie in open source. I want to learn about OpenMRS and more about contributing to Open Source. I hope to learn a lot. It seems there is a big community together. Feels great to see that.

You’re right. Feel fully welcomed to a family that cares indeed @kanak8278 Just kickoff from this link to get started as a developer. There are varieties of products however unlimited for you from which to choose. You’ll be at peace ask community members especially here on Talk if at all you get stuck on the way. Big up.

Welcome to the community and we look forward to your contribution. Kindly follow this and this guides to get started in documentation and development. Just in case you need help, feel free to reach out to the community members through TALK or IRC.

Hello @rmkanda welcome to our community , you can get started as a developer with this link here, if you get stuck somewhere you can also create a talk post about your issues. hope you have a great time our community !! :grinning:

Hi everyone, I’m Cyrus Majidy, a Digital Media graduate student with a background primarily in Game Development, Design and Media Arts. So, I know how to create a video game from scratch, and all that entails. I’ve basically been in school for 8 years and am graduating soon. I’m looking to contribute to Open MRS in any way that I can at this time. I’m currently working on switching to software development as a career.

So, taking my background into consideration, should I aim to contribute with testing and documentation at this time, or dive right into the developer’s manual? Or, is there some other area in which I should seek to serve?

Hi, :wave:t6: I’m Leila, a 5th year student in Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering degree, living in Maputo, Mozambique. I have worked for 2 years on a development project for an open-source software based on Java, for academic purposes called FenixEdu.

Currently, I am writing my graduation thesis where I intend to make a simple proposal to implement OpenMrs for patient’s record in a reference hospital here in my country. So I am here to enrich my research and also to contribute to this wonderful community as a developer.

I’m super excited to start contributing. :smiley:

So, where do I start from?

You’re welcome to the caring community dear @leilaboaze behold; Getting+Started+as+a+Developer see you moving forward.

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Hi @leilaboaze, we are glad to have you here :smile:

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