Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hello @tushabe We are happy to have you wearing the shoes of life savers and good people here and other platforms which you will discover with time are ready to help you archieve success.Visit this page < http://om.rs/gettingstarted>it has most of the information you need to get started.

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Hello @albader449549 click [here] for the other information you need to get started.Welcome and the whole community is delighted to have you and ready to support you as-well .:hug:

Hello and thank you for reading my introduction.

My name is Richard Tayrien. I am a physician, boarded in Internal Medicine and practiced in Phoenix Arizona for 20 years at a teaching tertiary medical center. An interest in medical informatics in the late 90s resulted in a career change and I subsequently assumed the role of CMIO at 2 very large health systems.

I am very familiar with the pioneering work at Regenstrief Institute and the great benefits afforded to the entire field of biomedical informatics including OpenMRS. However my work has been primarily applied informatics at scale and I have been engaged with the big 3 commercial systems for the past 15 years. Starting in 2004 I led the implementation of provider facing solutions within those systems across 170 US hospitals.

That said I am passionate about open source solutions and have built a couple of multi-boot Linux workstations and servers. It is one of my Ubuntu platforms on which I have today installed a standalone demo version of OpenMRS.

I am winding down my career focusing more on volunteer work and am on the board of a NGO engaged in domestic and international disaster response and ongoing medical outreach. We frequently find ourselves in very remote locations or situations with compromised infrastructures and limited to no access to power. (Urban and rural US as well as remote locations in Nepal, Haiti, Philippines, Sri Lanka etc.) At the same time we have a desire to improve our clinical documentation for follow-up and statistical reporting. A hybrid solution with standalone dBs on mobile devices that can be synchronized across a cloud solution seems to have potential.

I am quite impressed with the quality of code and the dedication and support of the community. It is clear from the documentation and forums every one cares deeply about each others success.

As a total noob I look forward to getting to know those of you in community and I thank you in advance for your indulgence.

Best Regards, R Tayrien


Hello OpenMrs developer i am new here and i am software engineering student interesting to learn about MRS i read about it and really it could help many people in many way i like to learn more from this web site and contribute with it think you…

Hello @alsaeedabdulaziz We are happy to have you,joining a big team which concetrates on saving people across the World as its primary purpose.Cool people are ready to help you get the information you need and start by clicking here for the Basic information you need of knowing how and when to do sth.:smile:

Hello everyone,

my name is Paweł Gesek and I work as a Technical Project Manager for SolDevelo. I have been indirectly involved with OpenMRS for a few years now, dating back to my days in the Motech Project for Grameen, and more recently my work with @craigappl on an OpenMRS implementation in Haiti and it’s integration with an HIE infrastructure.

I am currently also a PM for the SolDevelo team working on OpenLMIS, which is an open source logistics management information system.

Last but not least, I will be part of the Sync 2.0 project which SolDevelo will be taking on - so make sure to visit that thread, thanks!

Hello All, My name is Abdul Azeez Idris. I am currently a Software Developer at Flexisaf. I am passionate about improving lives in any way that I can which is why I am joining the OpenMRS Project.

I pray and hope I would be able to make a mark

AZEEZ Welcome to this family whose primary purpose is saving lives.Click Here For the information you need to get started.:smile:

Hello All,

Greetings from Estonia.!

Hope you are all doing good there. I am a recent MSc Healthcare Technology graduate from the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. I have an MBA in Hospital management also. I am very much interested in an internship with an organization implementing HMIS/ operMRS system. I will be thankful if someone can guide/help me about this.

Hello everyone! My name is Amy Csizmar Dalal. I’m a computer science professor at Carleton College. I found this project through foss2serve.org — I attended a POSSE (Professor’s Open Source Software Experience) workshop last fall. I am very interested in getting my students involved in open source software development, and particularly on projects that are changing the world for the better — such as this one! I have a group of 6 students who will be contributing to OpenMRS as their senior capstone project this fall and winter. I am excited to join this community and to become a contributor myself.

Hello everyone, My name is Dakheel A Aldarwesh and im a software engineering student.i would like to know more about openMRS. also i have been reading about OpenMRS a lot and i would like to know more. and how can i test some cases.

Hi Everybody,

I am Rao Koppulu, basically from India, but currently located in US. I am primarily a Systems Analyst working for a world renowned hospital.

I would like to contribute what ever i can to make the world a better place to live & thrive.


Hi, I am Meenakshi Dhanani and I recently completed my Masters of Science in Computer Applications from Symbiosis. I am also Women Techmakers Scholar APAC 2016 and glad to be a part of this community. Currently, I work at Thoughtworks, India as a developer and would be happy to contribute to OpenMRS.

Hi all, I am Richard Muraguri. I am a Bsc. in Computer Science graduate currently doing Software Development. I would like to contribute to the OpenMRS project mainly in programming. I hope to learn from you all as I also contribute in improving this great project.

Hello all,

I’m Colby Banbury, a third year Computer Engineering student from the University of Delaware. I am working on an independent study covering open source software and I would love to help and contribute to the OpenMRS project in anyway.

I can’t wait to start!

Hi everyone,

I’m Jordan Stewart, also a third year student at the University of Delaware studying Computer Science. I’m participating in an independent study with @colbyud to try to learn more about open source software. I’m hoping to learn as much as I can by exploring OpenMRS and by becoming a contributor. I’m looking forward to working with everyone to improve the project!

Jordan Welcome to the community,here is a path to take try it and you wont remain the same after going through and following whats there.:smile:

Hello People,

I am Dipak Thapa. I am new to open source development. I am hoping to learn from OpenMRS. Also contribute in anyway I can and make the world a better place :smile:

Hello everyone, I’m Kalana Suraweera, a third year computer engineering undergrad student from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. I’m excited to start working on my first ever Open source project. Its a great thing to be able to work on something that would make a positive impact on the entire community, especially when it comes to saving lives. I’ll try to give my maximum effort to make OpenMRS better :slight_smile:

Regards Kalana

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jude Mulandi. I am currently working as an Assistant Manager, Systems Development for Britam. I am interested in opensource software particularly in the health industry. I have gone through the developer manual and wish to get involved. How do I join the Community Development Swim Lane?