Welcome - please introduce yourself - Guide

I see very very very very many people introducing themselves and expressing a desire to contribute via https://talk.openmrs.org/t/welcome-please-introduce-yourself

After this, i never see them again. Do they just get lost into how to start contributing? Do we need to come up with a strategy of following each one of them right from the time they introduce themselves? What do you think???


Good observation! Seems to me that once we point them to the getting started page, several never get back to us and we don’t seem to have a strategy in place to follow up with them.


I think the parables of the lost coin and sheep can answer best. However,dont forget to be like the father in the broadical son.

Maybe people get lost in understanding how to contribute or be part of the team(i personally got confused for good months) and my observation is that most people who are new to openmrs are also new to this field(IT) especially students so if there could be a way someone could follow up to ask how far they have gone ,it could create impact however it is not an easy task.

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I wonder if it’s not just about a strategy to follow up (which I think is true) but also about making our process easier for people to figure out how to contribute for both development and non-development parts of the project?