Welcome back Rafał!

@paul and I are very happy to be able to share the news that Rafał is going to be rejoining the OpenMRS development world! For those who don’t know, @raff worked alongside @dkayiwa and @wyclif for many years, building up much of the core functionality of OpenMRS. Rafał created the OpenMRS SDK along with many of the community’s metadata-related tools. He’s also been very involved in the architecture and development of OCL. As his family grew, Rafał took a job with RedHat while continuing to do some OCL work on the side. Much to our community’s benefit, Rafał has recently left his job with RedHat and, alongside continued work on OCL, is going to be taking on some OpenMRS-related development work on the SDK and deployment tooling (support for OpenMRS 3 and helping pave the path from OpenMRS 2.x to 3.x).

He will be taking a well-deserved holiday over the next week and will be starting his OpenMRS work on 4 April. Welcome back Rafał! :slight_smile:


Welcome back home @raff

Woo hoo! Welcome back to the family @raff !!! Great news

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This is so awesome!!! It is great to have you back @raff, and i anxiously look forward to working with you again. Among your many other options, thank you so much for choosing OpenMRS again!!! :hugs:


Fantastic news, thanks @burke and @paul for enabling @raff’s come back. :pray:

Welcome back Rafal! :muscle:

Happy to have you back @raff .

Welcome back @raff

Thrilled to have you back @raff

well be back @raff ,good to have you back

So happy to have you back @raff !!

This is super exciting. More @raff is great for OpenMRS!

Well be back @raff .

Awesome, welcome back indeed @raff.

Thanks! It’s exciting to be back! I’ve learned a bit over the last 4 years and I’m looking forward to contribute in meaningful ways with your support. Thank you @paul and @burke for the opportunity.


Welcome back Rafal! @raff

@raff Please let me know how can we support you to multiply the value you will bring to the OpenMRS.

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:blush: :blush: Nice to see you again big boy @raff

So glad to have you back @raff !!

Welcome back @raff! Really can’t wait to work with you. Welcome welcome welcome.

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