Week in Review 2-8 November 2014

OpenMRS Week in Review

2 November - 8 November 2014


  • Ebola Response: Work continues on our OpenMRS community response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. If you’re interested in helping, please visit http://ebola.openmrs.org/ to find the latest information and add your efforts.

  • Google-Code in: As mentioned last week, we will be applying to participate this year and need volunteers to help review code & small tasks performed by secondary school student participants. If you’d like to participate in this rewarding program, join our discussions here in OpenMRS Talk or contact @sunbiz.

  • FOSSASIA 2015: OpenMRS is planning a talk once again for the next FOSSASIA, to be held in Singapore next March. Limited travel funding support is available from the organizers. Contact @harsha89 if you’d like to help plan and/or participate in the talk.

Highlights of Last Week

  • Last week in our Developers Forum, we started the planning process for the OpenMRS 2.2 release. If you’re interested in the features under consideration, have a look at the meeting notes at https://wiki.openmrs.org/x/NwN-B. Additional feedback is encouraged – please share it with the dev@ mailing list.

  • @paul is looking for feedback about what we’d like to learn about web application security so he can help to recruit a speaker for the upcoming Developers Forum on 20 November. If you have feedback, please let him know as soon as possible.

  • Platform 1.11 release manager @k_joseph led and wrapped up a development sprint to resolve 27 issues that failed our user acceptance testing. Many thanks to everyone who participated! This week, work continues on Platform 1.11 and we need your help. Join our testing sprint to participate in the release!

Issues Resolved Last Week

The following members of the OpenMRS community resolved JIRA issues last week. Please help us thank them for their efforts! Our collective work helps to make OpenMRS software the platform of choice around the world.

See all JIRA issues resolved last week: http://om.rs/lw

If your name should have been in the above list, make sure that your name is listed as the assignee when resolving JIRA issues. If you’d like to add your project to OpenMRS Issues, please open a Help Desk case.

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