Webapp Unable To Connect to MySQL DB

Hi there!

I am new to OpenMRS and was following the installation guide as on this page: Setting Up

Using the manual installation steps, I am getting this error after running the “maven jetty:run” step. It seems I am unable to connect to the MySQL database running.

Please note I am using MySQL version 8.0

I am able to see the database through the MySQL command line client.

I have the DB connection details included in the

C:\Users\skv\openmrs-core\webapp\openmrs-runtime.properties file.

However, I still seem to be unable to connect. Could someone please help out with this?

Here is the log:

Error Log


@svariko not sure OpenMRS has been tested for that version of mysql. If you’re certain you provided the right credentials then I’ll advice you downgrade your mysql and try again let’s see. I will recommend 5.6.

@ivange94 Thanks for the advice. I was able to resolve it by following the accepted answer to this question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49194719/authentication-plugin-caching-sha2-password-cannot-be-loaded

I believe this uses the legacy password plugin as mentioned in the answer. Please let me know if this a viable solution.