WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! Final Training Materials for OpenMRS Academy Level 1

Dear Community

The OpenMRS Academy Squad is excited to share with you the final reviewed draft of training materials for the Level 1 OpenMRS Fundamentals course.

These materials were designed by the community and tested during the first Academy in Mozambique in September of 2020. After feedback sessions within the squad coupled with comments from the learners and the broader community, we reviewed the materials and are sharing them to get your final feedback!

You can find the English and Portuguese versions of the powerpoints here Please give us your feedback by March 31st.

You can leave all the comments you have on the materials here

We need your feedback so that we can start expanding the course to other countries starting next month.

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I think we might want to update the terminology segment to reference OCL for OMRS. Don’t you think, @grace ?

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Hi @antoniomacheve,

Thank you so much for the invitation to provide feedback. What an incredible amount of work & thoughtfulness you’ve all been through!

@jennifer & I spent a few hours today reviewing these slides - we weren’t able to access the Comments Doc so we made a copy here. It has all our feedback as well as links to slides you may want to use (e.g. to capture some high-level things about OCL for OpenMRS like @akanter pointed out).

Happy to discuss further!


Thanks a lot for your review @grace and @jennifer - the Academy squad will review your comments and incorporate them accordingly to the training materials and curriculum.


Hi @grace @akanter and @jennifer

Your suggestions and revisions were incorporated into the training materials. The slides where changes were made have a red background so you can have a look.

Module 3 slides are available here

Module 4 slides are available here

A special thank you to @christine @marinachichava and Sheila for handling the revision.

Thanks all for your feedback


I think you can remove the red background so that we can see the slides better. Grace, were you thinking that they would just use your recording? I think we can certainly train up around the Q&A portion for the live section.

Ok noted @akanter It was highlighted in red so everyone could see clearly where the change were made and to allow our translator to translate all the relevant slides in Portuguese.