We need a volunteer for the release manager role for Platform 2.1.2

Update 2018 Jan:

Platform 2.2 actually turned into Platform 2.1.2, so I’ve updated this topic’s title accordingly. That is why you may see references to 2.2 in this thread… they actually ended up applying to Platform 2.1.2.


As the end of the year draws closer, we intend to stick to our commitment of having a platform release every year preferably before the summit in Malawi therefore we need a volunteer to steer the efforts to get the release out. Are you aspiring to become a /dev/3, /dev/4, or /dev/5? Being a release manager is a great opportunity to contribute while gaining tremendous experience in how a state of the art calibre piece of software goes through a release process, it lets you influence the roadmap and priorities for the community, and gives you the opportunity to make a substantial and prominent contribution to the OpenMRS mission. This is a crucial role that ensures the awesome contributions from the various volunteers are available to everyone after it’s all said and done.

Note that as the release manager you don’t have to do all the work, you just need to help us to guide the process and determine if any pending issues can make it in the release or not, you can find out more details about being a release manager on our being a release manager page.

To volunteer to be Release Manager for OpeMRS Platform 2.2, reply to this message.

Skills Needed:

  • Time to be the release manager between now and until the end of the year if necessary.
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Basic DevOps skills - creating ssh keys, being able to ssh into a remote environment, basic file operations in a remote environment.
  • Being comfortable with different communication tools to interact with different members of the community. Also, we are looking for a previous release manager to volunteer to pair with the new release manager to help them with the release process, so any previous release managers interested may reply to this post to volunteer.

If this sounds like something of interest to you and have the spare time then you could be the release manager that we’re looking for, so feel free to volunteer.

Thanks In Advance!


@wyclif am available if no one is available as yet…But if some folk comes in you may give them first priority as well thanks.

Hello @wyclif I would like to take up the challenge and strengthen my muscles in this new venture. Am willing to take up the RM role for platform 2.2. Thanks.

Hi everyone,

Allow me to present to you the platform 2.2 release manager @irenyak1, thank you Irene for volunteering and we’re all thrilled to have you as the release manager, you should have the necessary privileges you need as the release manager setup soon for your account.

You can start by looking at the still open tickets for the release and probe for their statuses, let us know how we can help you make this an amazing experience for you.

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Thank you very much @wyclif for this information, am delighted.
How do i start? Thanks.

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Thanks so much @wyclif . Let me do that and will get back to you for guidance. Thanks.

@irenyak1 Congrats !!! hope you have a nice experience…

Thanks @tendomart

Hello @wyclif just asking for who will be my immediate point of contact to guide me through the process since it’s my first Release to manage? Thanks.

@irenyak1 have you seen this https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Technical+Road+Map

Yes @tendomart i have

@irenyak1 what did you find out from the Platform Release section?

@irenyak1 you may find this helpful https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenMRS+Platform+Release+Process

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@irenyak1 typically we get somebody that has been a release manager before to mentor a first time release manager along the way.

Is there anybody who wants to volunteer to be the mentor? Otherwise several of us like @dkayiwa, @maurya, @raff, @darius and a couple of others are going to be available to help with any issues and questions, you can email us or find us on IRC, my IRC handle is wluyima.



I am new to OpenMRS but would like to be associated with release management and also scaling up of Modules vis a vis genomic medicine, FHIR etc. Is there a way to be associated myself with a mentor.

@mayankagra Thank you very much for expressing interest , have you seen the Documentation about OpenMRS Platform Release Management and Reference Application Release Process

Hi @mayankagra we are glad to have you, you can work along with @irenyak1 as a co-release manager, can you reach out to her please and see how you guys can co-operate? Thanks!

I would very grateful ton have you @mayankagra http:///u/mayankagra as a co-release manager. You are welcome.


Do u have what’s app

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Yes Mayank My What’sApp number is +256752933257 I prefer using what’s app. it’s faster for me.