We need a new Platform Support Team call time

We need a designated place where @raff, @ibacher, and @dkayiwa can talk together about platform work.

@Platform_Team: Namely global support members @raff @dkayiwa @ibacher, and fellows @kdaud @corneliouzbett @jnsereko: We need a better time for the Platform Team calls.

Here are 2 earlier / more EAT-friendly times Burke can be available:

  • Mondays at 1pm UTC (3pm CET, 4pm EAT, 9am EDT, 6am PDT)
  • Wednesdays at 12pm UTC (2pm CET, 3pm EAT, 8am EDT, 5am PDT)
  • Wednesdays at 5pm UTC (7pm CET, 8pm EAT, 1pm EDT, 10am PDT) (current time)
  • None of these work for me

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LMK which works best for you (select multiple if you want).

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It looks like it’s between the current time and Mondays at 1pm UTC.

@ibacher did you choose the current time because it’s more convenient? Or do you have a standing conflict at Mondays at 1pm UTC (9am EDT/8am EST) that would prevent you from ever being able to join at that time?

No, it’s just actually available. Mondays at 1 PM UTC work for me; I have a standing conflict with Wednesdays at 12 PM UTC though.

@dkayiwa and @raff I think we are still waiting to hear from you…?

I will do whatever you all go for. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I can’t do Mondays. Wednesdays would work better. The one at 5 pm UTC is a bit late here, but I could try to make it work.

Is there anyone for whom the current Wednesdays at 5pm UTC is bad timing and switching to Mondays at 1pm UTC would allow them to join Platform Team calls?

If it works for @raff & @dkayiwa then I’m happy. It just seemed crazy having a call time that was so late for both of them. That was really the crux of my concern.

The mission-critical need here is a forum where @raff & @dkayiwa & @ibacher can work together and problem solve the real meat they’re working on.

Everything else is secondary IMHO. Of course, totally up to you guys how you want to use this.

I could make it work given no better option. Thanks @grace for trying to find alternatives.

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