We need a BA to do an assessment : Growth Charts for Reference 2.10

I’m good now… was missing the correct password

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@ruffjm Thanks for the work your doing . dont hestate to inform us of any blocker or any help you may need from me or the others .

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Hello @ruffjm, thanks for the work your doing. any progress so far on the assesment ??

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@ruffjm It would be great if you can share your thoughts on an upcoming design forum slot? Next week (Jun 17th) is available?


I think it it looks pretty good so far. I think we’d probably need to add the rest of the WHO growth charts, as (I could be wrong) but I think most countries were Openmrs is used are still mostly breastfeeding countires, which makes the WHO better growth charts for children >2.

I would also consider adding in the administration panel the ability to upload or make the charts country specific.

Are most implementations in English or another language? The ref app is in English correct? So we’ll also need translation to English.

@[c.antwi] or anyone else let me know if there are specific things they are looking to know? or that I should look at for the analysis?



Weldone @ruffjm for the above assesment. @c.antwi ,any comments or question to @ruffjm ??

Hey guys I’m terrible with making these meetings. I’m transitioning from Kenya to US and I’m all off.

We might consider adding some of the features from this open source FHIR app


Mostly I’m referring to the ability/decision support that allows one to determine the cause of under or over growth.

Will write more later!!



Thanks Jessica for the reference to the smart app! This overlaps with the conversation regarding our vision of moving to a FHIR backend and the ability of the Microfrontends to interact using FHIR. Have you seen those conversations on Talk and Slack? I’d be interested in your thoughts on this as a use case for those discussions, as well as, any input and examples/experience to consider for Smart on FHIR apps and OpenMRS in general.

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Thanks @ruffjm for your contributions! I will definitely look into your recommendations.

All the best !

@ball , could you have specific some demo data specifically for Growth charts?? It would be great if i can have it.
@ccwhite23 @janflowers . Thanks

Apologies @mozzy. I don’t have demo data. Best to create some from vitals – weights, heights, and head circumference.

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sure , i have done that and it works perfect , even in reff app