We need a BA to do an assessment : Growth Charts for Reference 2.10

Hello fellow BA’s

Following from this conversation Defining Efforts Needed to Include Growth Charts In the Reference Application

As part of the next release of Ref 2.10, we are looking to incorporate an already existing module of growth charts in the codebase.

we are looking for system/business analyst volunteers that could work with the current release manager @mozzy to do the following :slight_smile:

  1. What are the current features of the Isante-plus growth chart
  2. What features do we want the Ref App growthchart module to have?
  3. Understand which features of the Isante-plus growth chart could be harvested
  4. Share the findings of the assessment with the community for next steps

We would like to conclude this activity by June 7th 2019

Please express your interest on this discussion thread asap

@monasaleh @sarahgift @ruffjm @mozzy

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Is there an isante demo we can see for those of us not programming inclined?



  • this might be helpful in coding the tables for WHO (since im not sure what isante is using. )
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There is an iSantePlus demo server. iTech/Haiti should provide access.

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Great if someone can post, I will take a look.


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@nathaelf or @janflowers, can you help us out with access to the demo server?

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Some of the other features on the Isante-Plus module can be read fromthe modules’s repo read me page. and Thanks for getting involved here cc @ruffjm @ball

Did I miss something… I don’t see any of the specifics of the growth charts in the readme, just that is the available and configurable.

@ruffjm .its not so much described on the read me. but looking at the code , the Growth Charts writen in the module were WHO and CDC charts to be more specific.

We just need to look deeply at these features from a demo server cc @ball @nathaelf @janflowers

Let me see if I can track down the demo server for folks to look at. We’re currently doing a new release of iSantePlus, but the growth charts should remain the same.

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Good Afternoon!

I work with Jan on iSantePlus.

For access to the demo:


user: admin pwd: admin

Let us know if you have any more questions!



Welcome @ccwhite23 and thank you.

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Thanks @janflowers and @ccwhite23.

So @ruffjm are we good to go now??

@ccwhite23 it seems i cant access the server with those credentials , am i supposed to also translate the password and user-name to french(not even sure which language it is) ?
And is there a way i can change the language to Us-Engish at login ?? :smiley: . i cant understand anything :smiley:

Sorry… non-coder here. Please provide credentials for the demo server.


@mozzy, sorry for asking again… I missed ccwhites post.

@ccwhite23 I tried to login and my french is rusty, but passable. It seems I need to change the location, but am unable to. It giving me an error message that says you need to choose a location.


Yes @ruffjm. I’ll send a few screenshots to help guide you.

  1. Enter username (nom d’utilisateur)/password (mot de passe) and select the only location (unknown location):

  1. Search for a patient and select one (ie. 1000GW):


  1. Select growth chart (Courbe de Croissance):


@ccwhite23 i think you made a mistake in the the credentials . its supposed to be
user: admin pwd: Admin123 ,
cc @ruffjm

Am able to see the charts

thanks @ball and @ccwhite23.
@ruffjm do have any problem with logging in still??

@ruffjm i think you can now continue with the assesment , ill do the features edit ,code-wise, if we would need to remove some

@ruffjm It is a little confusing, but once you enter username and password, you need to click on ‘unknown location’ to select it as a location, and then login.

Please let me know if you still have issues.