Wards / Beds not showing up on IPD page

I followed the .sql script to add the bed types, wards and multiple mappings of both however; I am not seeing any of them show up? Is there an extra step that I am missing?

I original had patient come in EMERGENCY and then Admitted to IDP but never received bed assignment page.

Please advise. :frowning: Thanks

Maybe you can upload a screenshot of the contents of the Ward tables, or a file containing the export of the tables. Then someone might be able to see if the ward table data is setup correctly.

Were you able to see the ward beds earlier, and then they stopped showing up after you ran some queries… or were they never showing up from the beginning itself? I ask this because the demo database ships with sample ward layout already.

A sample SQL file is attached to this Wiki page. Did you write similar queries? https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/IPD+Ward+Management

Do you have new locations set up ? Or are you using the default locations shipped with the database.

Also share the sql file that you have used.







bed_patient_assignment_map. None yet as I am unable to assign.

I have not been able to seen the beds at any time that I can recall. Thanks.

@dnelson You should also map Location_id 15 (Gechaan In patient Department) as Admission Location

You can do this change via openmrs/Manage Locations or alternatively you can use the query below insert into location_tag_map values(15,2);

Thank you @sravanthi17! you are the BEST…that did the trick.

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