want to connect reference application to oracle 12c database

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I would like to install reference application 2.8.1 and I want to connect to oracle 12c database

If it is possible, what option should I choose under below question so that I can connect to oracle database

Which database would you like to use?

  1. MySQL 5.6 (requires pre-installed MySQL 5.6)

  2. MySQL 5.6 in SDK docker container (requires pre-installed Docker)

  3. Existing docker container (requires pre-installed Docker)

or if there is other way i would like to have your help.

Thank you

Choose 1 if you have an already installed Mysql5.6 on your machine respectuvely. Another option is if you want to connect to oracle12c db which am not sure whether its a paid for use or open source, you could probably follow up this oracle 2c db setup.

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Thank you Sharif i need to connect it to oracle 12c database let me try this link

I can see that you are running the SDK. Unfortunately, Oracle is not supported.


now i know i wont work with oracle Thank you Daniel for help

@dkayiwa Is there any other way forward will connect openmrs with oracle database ?

Hello, After reading this post. Seems like it is possible to do tests with other databases. Does this mean reference application can be installed without sdk? Any documentation to see process? Also, this ticket has been resolved and closed, ref application 2.8.1 still has “comment” as a column under allergy table.

Yes! you can run an openmrs standalone instance which is not SDK. You can follow this link for installation steps. Its flexible enough to allow one to test the platform on different databases unlike SDK which is strictly supporting Mysql.

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