Want to be a 2022 GSoD Admin?

Hello everyone!

Each year, we try to bring on a new co-admin for Google Season of Docs. This year is no different.

I’m interested in being a GSoD Co-Admin. What should I do? If you are interested in serving our community as a GSoD Admin - or know someone who might make a good co-admin, we encourage you to:

  • Get to know what GSoD co-admins do. GSoD Admins guide the community with project ideation and proposal development; help onboard, engage, and support GSoD contributors; recruit and support mentors; monitor contributor & program progress; ensure GSoD deadlines are met - and more. If you want to know more about what GSoD Admins do and the kinds of skills successful GSoD Admins draw on during GSoD, please take a look at this description.

  • Be prepared to commit the time. At every point along the GSoD timeline, there is something that requires action by GSoD Admins. Some weeks and months may be busier than others, and please be ready to spend at least a few hours each week on GSoD.

Still interested? Use this form to express your interest or nominate someone to be a GSoD Admin by Wednesday, March 16.