want to add changes to bahmni lab

Hi @angshuonline @amolsatvix I have installed bahmni on ubuntu using virtualbox.

  1. How can i access bahmni lab inside vagrant through terminal.
  2. I want to make some changes to bahmni lab and sync the changes to vagrant or deploy the war to vagrant .

Plase Help me out.

Hello @rajib,

You can use the following steps for working with Bahmni Lab changes and deploying to Bahmni Server/Vagrant:

  • Clone OpenElis repo into your ubuntu machine

    git clone https://github.com/Bahmni/OpenElis
  • Creating war you need Java 7, ant, ruby on your developer machine

  • Creating war on Developer machine

     cd OpenElis
     ant dist
     mkdir openelis/dist/openelis
     cd openelis/dist/
     unzip -q openelis.war -d "./openelis/." ## Unzip the openelis.war
  • Deploying war on Vagrant/Bahmni server

     vagrant ssh
     sudo su
     service bahmni-lab stop ## Stop bahmni-lab service
     cp -rf /opt/bahmni-lab/bahmni-lab/ /tmp/. ## Taking existing bahmni-lab backup
     rm -rf /opt/bahmni-lab/bahmni-lab/* ## Delete existing bahmni-lab backup
     cp -rf /bahmni/OpenElis/openelis/dist/openelis/* /opt/bahmni-lab/bahmni-lab/. ## Copy unziped local openelis folder to vagrant
     chown -R bahmni:bahmni /opt/bahmni-lab/bahmni-lab/* ## Change ownership as bahmni for bahmni-lab folder
     service bahmni-lab start ## Start bahmni-lab service

Hope that will help you…!!!