Wanna become a dev 2/3/* ?

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Could be your new/relatively_old to the Openmrs Community, that doesn’t compromise your developer stage. I’m sure lots of folks out there wanna be dev4/5. But have you looked at the developer stages conventions?

A great start could be this!

Adding web-services to idgen module

Most of the work was done in #software:bahmni(quick idgen module for bahmi distro) so basically the required task is smart copy and paste code from there to here.

Want a starting Point?

There was a Pull Request made by a folk but a few changes were requested by @darius so you could use this as a great starting point and leverage around this PR.

Note that this ticket is now a Community priority, its currently blocking the release of platform 2.2.

More Resources,

Your contributions will be much appreciated by the entire community :slight_smile:


Samuel Male


+1 for not forgetting to transfer (and possibly improve while doing so) the existing code that lives in Idgen Web Services to Idgen when IDGEN-42 gets under way.

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Thanks @samuel34

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hi sam , is there any oher community priority ticket?

Quite interesting that you have gained interest in pushing platform 2.2 @mozzy

Here is a goodie for you


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but thatissue is in a “code review (post commit)” stage :roll_eyes:

any wcneed to be worked on?

Oooohh, great. @wyclif’s work on it was like a charm! Yesterday it was ready for work :smile:

I love the collaboration of the community :handshake:
I think work is being done on all tickets bundled in platform 2.2 release and am also sure TRUNK-5015 is being worked on silently behind the hood :wink: .

But hey @mozzy, this dashboard is never boring :smile:

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i shall go with that https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/TRUNK-5015..but let me fiish wat am curently working n

the @samuel34 for the updates. we have to do theses things :sweat_smile:

hey @samuel34. any other commnity priority ticket i may start on?

@dkayiwa any goodies for @mozzy ?

I put a comment for him on TRUNK-5342 which he has not yet responded to.

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oh thx @dkayiwa. its wat am actually going to respond to, just bn up and down

hi @dkayiwa , any goody for me , as i wait for on the Migration Ticket?

Do you instead wanna take up the IDGEN ticket?

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yes i can take it up.

I’m interested @samuel34. Is it too late for this or are there any new tickets

Have you visited this link https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa? there are plenty of ticket to be worked on

Thanks @jwnasambu. I’ll do that in a short while.