vscode crashing

Am getting a persistent error every time am trying to install any thing in visual studio code, is there any one who has ever got this kind of error to support me ? Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 2.50.36 PM

you can easily fix such errors by doing a google search about the error

I did all that my friend the problem persisted, not yet solved .

Oh sorry! kindly confirm if you made some changes on the extension’s package.json if yes, kindly stash the changes if that doesn’t work fully remove Visual Studio Code from your system and then reinstall it again.

I hav done like the way you directed me and installed it again on the computer but came back with extension present as the old one looks

Kindly is it okay we have a call? if yes share the meeting link.

Should I just go to extension side and disable extensions ?

I can’t confirm that without looking at the logs on your terminal and that is why I was requesting for a call.

When is that call and we confirm Juliet ?

you can send the meeting link now

Am to work upon it thanks very much