VOTE: OpenMRS Call Recordings: One portal or more links in notes?

Dear Community,

We’d like to make community call recordings more easy to find. And so we have set up a simple link that automatically shows you all community recordings, sorted by newest first:

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But now we have a question for you. Do folks really want us (@burke, @erica, myself, and @jennifer) to keep trying to put all the links into different squad notes pages?

Or are you okay with just having the one recordings portal?

This would significantly reduce low-value overhead for us, and if folks really needed to add a recording link to a specific meeting note, it would be easy to find at TBH if we just have 1 recordings site, it would actually be easier for us to make sure those recordings are always up to date; whereas for the last ~2 years, we have sometimes dropped the ball on this. It would also mean people no longer have to find specific wiki page sections just to find a recording link.

  • One recordings site is fine!
  • I want all the recording links embedded in every meeting note
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@burke and @erica what I’m thinking is, if we can get consensus that the single link is fine (at least to try for a time), then the 3 of us can divvy-up call recording publication tasks. E.g. like this:

Person responsible for Publishing Latest Recordings to the channel:

  • Mondays: ____
  • Tuesdays: ____
  • Wednesdays: _____
  • Thursdays: Grace
  • Fridays: N/A
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I don’t know if posting a link to every recorded call on Talk individually is necessary. That said, I would expect that sharing a recording after a call within Talk lowers that barrier to viewing the recording and would increase the likelihood of people making use of the video.

I would suggest a combination:

1. For high value recordings (key discussions, presentations we want to proactively share with the community, etc.), we make the effort to share a recording within the corresponding Talk thread.

The best way to share a video is to get the embed code and paste it into Talk. Unfortunately, IU Kaltura restricts access to its “share” button to authenticated users, so you need to be logged in (e.g., with OpenMRS group account) to see the SHARE button below the recording. Click on SHARE, then EMBED, enable “Responsive Sizing” option, and, if you have the time, set the start time to the point when discussion/presentation starts.

If you can’t get to the SHARE button, you can copy the URL directly from Kaltura (optionally converting HH:MM:SS start time to seconds in your head or using a tool like this and adding the start time in seconds to the end of the URL as ?st=1234, for example 1234 would start playing at 0:20:34). But this won’t show an embedded player in Talk and force people to navigate to IU’s Kaltura website.

2. For typical/recurring calls, we can point people to

We could also make call-specific short links to filter to specific recordings by title. For example, this link:

takes you to a reverse chronological list of O3 Squad Call recordings. Maybe,, etc.?


Great idea Burke! Yes let’s do this.

Okay, seeing the majority have voted to try this one-recordings-site approach, @erica let’s you and I proceed with this plan:

1. Publish Recordings to the “One Link” throughout the week

  • @erica @burke do you have a day of the week preference to be the “publisher owner” for? E.g. I prefer Thursdays and/or Tuesdays just because there are some O3 recordings that will need a bit of title improvement anyways.

2. Create links for focus squads

  • As Burke mentioned above. Burke can you do this?

3. Directly publish high-value recordings to Talk as-needed

@grace Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays listed in order of preference with exception of holidays.

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Oh yes, never on holidays :slight_smile: And actually I don’t think we’ll really need coverage on Mondays, since there are no recorded calls on Fridays, and Mondays are quite light.

FYI - If you change a recording title, it won’t show up in default searches (call-specific short links) that use the default title as a filter. So we need to maintain the original call title text. I’d recommend adopting a convention – e.g., postfix with colon, prefix with original title in parentheses, or something else.

Approach Example Comment
Postfix with colon O3 Squad Call: Immunizations A little easier/quicker to change. Extra detail might get cropped or be a little harder to browse in a list.
Original title in parentheses Immunizations (O3 Squad Call) Might be a tiny bit more annoying to apply. Highlights the call-specific detail.
Something else ??? Suggestion?

We should probably adopt a single approach for consistency.

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Ah excellent point Burke, thanks for that catch. I agree, let’s go with the Postfix with colon approach.

And @erica yes of course not on holidays! :smiley: