Volunteer to try setting up the Grimoire tool suite, for more visibility into our software dev process?

We’re long been interested in making what’s actually happening in our software development process more transparent, and trying to do more analytics and get more insight into it.

We’ve been talking to the company Bitergia, who set up this example dashboard for us earlier in the year (note that this data is out of date).

Their software is also open-source (see github), so we’d like to explore whether it’s feasible to implement this ourselves. They have pointed us to this (very incomplete) documentation: https://jgbarah.gitbooks.io/grimoirelab-training/content/

Does someone want to take a stab at following these instructions, to assess how feasible it may be for us to set up and implement ourselves?

I know we have an ELK stack set, not sure if it’s being used or not.

Also, I found this one pretty interesting too http://sarah.thesharps.us/2016/10/29/measuring-the-impact-of-negative-language-on-foss-participation-part-i/