Volunteer to be the OpenMRS RefApp 2.5 Release Manager

Hello OpenMRS Community,

We need to fill the role of Release Manager for OpenMRS Reference Application 2.5, which is scheduled for release in September. Are you aspiring to become a /dev/3, /dev/4, or /dev/5? Being a release manager is a valuable experience for any open source developer, lets you influence the road map and priorities for the community, and gives you the opportunity to make a substantial and prominent contribution to the OpenMRS mission. This is a crucial role that ensures the awesome contributions from various volunteers to be available to everyone.

The job of a release manager is not to do all the work; rather, to make decisions on what goes into the release and to guide the community through the release process.

Remember, we are a community that works together, so you will not be alone in the release process. We have a documented process, weekly project management calls to discuss issues, and several previous release managers in our community who can provide mentoring for you and answer your questions.

Thanks to @jdegraft for successfully managing and releasing Reference Application 2.4!

To volunteer to be Release Manager for OpenMRS Reference Application 2.5, reply to this message or reach out directly to @maurya (maurya■■■■■■■■■■■■).


We’d like to identify a release manager for Reference Application 2.5 before we have a developer forum on Reference Application 2.5 Planning on 28-July. We can refine our goals for RefApp 2.5, but the current goals are:

  • Release RefApp 2.5 in early September 2016 (ideally before the Uganda Implementers Meeting
  • Reference Application 2.5 runs on Platform 2.0
  • (tentative) Concept management moved into OWA application (so it can later be migrated into the platform)
  • Set us up for 2017-March release of Reference Application 3.0, which will target the mission laid out in Operation Plan Objective 2.

@maurya i privately talked to a few people who i thought may be interested in this. I realised that they have never seen this post. Do we have a way of posting on talk and ensure that as many members as possible got it, like we used to have with mailing lists?

@dkayiwa, Cool! can you ask them to post their replies on this post?

I believed posting it in community would allow it to reach everyone. If that is not the case, we can probably pin this on talk until a release manager is selected.

We will be waiting one more week, i.e. until August 3rd 2016 for responses for a Release manager.

The schedule is to do the release by September 2016. And the tasks to be managed are listed in this developers forum - https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/2016-07-28+Developers+Forum

Also, @dkayiwa volunteered to be a mentor for 2.5 Reference application release. This will be a great opportunity to learn release management in a mentorship model under @dkayiwa.

Hello friends i would like very much to volunteer and be a release manager,what are the prerequisites? i need more information thanks


Hello community am also a newbie to the opemrs and have interest in being a release manager. I need guidance in partaking this task, Thanks.


Hello @tendomart and @hilz041 ,

Firstly, Thank you very much for showing the interest! It is because of volunteers like you that OpenMRS is having 3 releases a year.

There aren’t any prerequisites - your interest, contribution and being proactive matters most. The task involves interacting with different teams and organizing/leading calls and making sure everything is in place for the release to happen successfully. We generally have a new release manager for every release to give the opportunity for people to learn release management.

We will wait until August 3rd for volunteers and announce a Release Manager from them. The release manager selected will be guided by @dkayiwa for Reference Application 2.5 release.


Thanks Maura

check https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Release+Process#ReleaseProcess-BeingtheReleaseManager and see on what will be required of you


thanks taremwatadeo

https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Release+Process#ReleaseProcess-BeingtheReleaseManager check their for guidance please

Thanks so much.

OpenMRS would like to greatly thank everyone who applied for being the release manager for Reference Application 2.5. As per our Release Manager Selection Criteria @taremwatadeo has been selected as the Release manager for Reference Application 2.5. Congratulations @taremwatadeo!

Volunteers who have applied for being the release manager, we highly encourage applying for being the Release Manager of Reference Application 2.6 (March 2017) and Platform 2.1 (2017). Until then please consider other ways to contribute to OpenMRS.


Thank you @maurya

Way to go @taremwatadeo!

Release managers don’t need access to nexus, right?

Thank you @wyclif . i know your so much experienced in this so stand alert for my notifications requesting your aide

Thanks maurya and congs @taremwatadeo. we shall wait for other ways of making our contributions to the community.

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aah ok Thanks Maura and Congs to @taremwatadeo waiting for otherways to contribute.Thanks