Volunteer to be release manager of RefAPP 2.8

Hello OpenMRS Community,

We are looking for a Release Manager for OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8, which is scheduled for release in April. Are you aspiring to become a /dev/3, /dev/4, or /dev/5? Being a release manager is a valuable experience for any open source developer, lets you influence the roadmap and priorities for the community, and gives you the opportunity to make a substantial and prominent contribution to the OpenMRS mission. This is a crucial role that ensures the awesome contributions from various volunteers to be available to everyone.

The job of a release manager is not to do all the work; rather, to make decisions on what goes into the release and to guide the community through the release process.

Remember, we are a community that works together, so you will not be alone in the release process. We have a documented process, weekly project management calls to discuss issues, and several previous release managers in our community who can provide mentoring for you and answer your questions.

Thanks to @tendomart for successfully managing and releasing Reference Application 2.7!

To volunteer to be Release Manager for OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8, reply to this message.

Skills Needed:

  • Time to be the release manager between April to May
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Basic DevOps skills - creating ssh keys, being able to ssh into a remote environment, basic file operations in a remote environment.
  • Being comfortable with different communication tools to interact with different members of the community.

Also, we are looking for a previous release manager to volunteer to pair with the new release manager to help them with the release process, so any previous release managers interested may reply to this post to volunteer.

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I wish to volunteer as a new release manager


Ready to help out the next Release Manager through the process…Thanks again @maurya

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will be gratefull if granted an opportunity to be the release manager


@maurya & @ssmusoke, it sounds like we still need to select a release manager. Have we made a decision? If not, please advise to how you’d like us to proceed. Let’s aim to have one selected by the end of this week (16 March).

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OpenMRS would like to greatly thank everyone who applied for being the release manager for Reference Application 2.8. As per our Release Manager Selection Criteria @jwnasambu has been selected as the Release manager for Reference Application 2.8. Congratulations @jwnasambu ! @jwnasambu , your next steps will be to coordinate with @ssmusoke and @tendomart to finalize the list of deliverables for Reference Application 2.8 and announce that to the community to make sure everyone can get a chance to add anything in this release cycle.

@tendomart, Thank you so much for being available to help out @jwnasambu!

Really glad for everyone’s contribution.

Volunteers who have applied for being the release manager, we highly encourage applying for being the Release Manager of Reference Application 2.9 (October 2018) . Until then please consider other ways to contribute to OpenMRS.


@maurya thanks alot…Congz @jwnasambu

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@maurya Thanks for the opportunity.

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Congratulations @jwnasambu