Volunteer; Release Manager of Reference Application 2.11

Volunteer ; Release Manager of Reference Application 2.11 Hello OpenMRS Community First of all i would like to thank whole community for working with togetherness and without tiresomeness to make this a platform stable and worldly used.Since the next application release of Reference Application is due to henceforth April, I would like to apply for next release of reference Application 2.11 as a release manager. On that due case , I Would also like to thank @mozzy for great work that you did in the RA release of 2.10 and the entire community ,after thorough understanding of what is required for A release manager in openmrs,through wiki https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenMRS+Reference+Application+Release+Process, this inspired me to initiate a talk thread for an opportunity. thanks cc.@dkayiwa @jennifer ,@k.joseph, @mozzy @ruhanga @gcliff


hello @dkayiwa @ibacher @mozzy @mksd @burke @sharif @grace @jennifer i humbly write in to express my interest of becoming the next release manager for ref app,it will be grate full hearing from you folks ,thanks


I would be very happy to work with you in this capacity Herbert!


I will be glad to work with you @herbert24

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