Volunteer of the Month

Hello OpenMRS!
Have been compelled to ask whether we still have “Volunteer of the Month Program” as I used to see sometime back an outstanding member for the month sharing with the community about their involvement experience . Any update on this
cc: @jennifer @grace


oooh thanks for bringing this back , i think it was a good motivation community programme

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Hi @kdaud,

Here is the link to our Volunteer Recognition Program Wiki page and how it works.

We had a small group who helped run the program and then it seemed like doing it every month became challenging. Perhaps we can ask if there are 3-4 people who are willing to commit to working with me on this?

One challenge that I think this program needs to address is around diversifying and growing who is nominated (and selected). How do we get more nominations for community members working with implementations (and squads)?

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Am available. Let me know the proceedings

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