Volunteer of the Month Badge

I was thinking it would be nice to have a Volunteer of the Month badge and icon for the person who is selected for that month. Is anyone interested in creating a small icon for that? :sunny:

@darius can you see in Talk admin what size and format the icons need to be for placement next to someone’s name/badge?


I think that’s a great idea.

Looking at the admin panel, it seems that the icon should be either a fontawesome class, or an image. The /dev/5 badge that I peeked looks like it’s a png that’s naturally 600x600, and is scaled down. (I imagine this badge icon should be smaller…)

Here is a list of the fontawesome icons. Could any of those work?

For the record, I was one of the original winners from 2013, so i’d like the badge too :slight_smile:


What about a star? That seems like it would fit! :sparkles:

Or the trophy! :trophy:

Okay, we now have this badge: https://talk.openmrs.org/badges/152/volunteer-of-the-month. Who else needs it?