Voiding/unvoiding observations on the Visit Note form

Hi all,

While using the Visit Note htmlform more intensely (with our mobile app), we notice that when an entry is made (added/edited), all observations associated with that encounter are voided and created again. While this is a simple and straightforward approach, we are experiencing issues (duplicates) sending multiple requests at about the same time.

We have been testing on platform 1.11, could this issue be solved in more recent versions? If not, is this an issue we can look into fixing?

CC: @mogoodrich

Andrew, Banda Team

Can you explain more about the duplicates you are talking about? It would be great if you could even give an example.

This is likely not easily reproducible with openmrs web since a user performs all operations (create diagnosis/change certainty/ clinical note) before clicking the Submit button.

The only way I can think of, however, is to have several visit note forms open at the same time, make changes, and click the Submit/Save button at almost the same time, on all the different forms.

In our mobile app, we don’t have a Save button. We persist data on every user initiated operation. For instance, type in a diagnosis, call save service; change certainty, call save service, type clinical note, call service etc. The save service points to the same service(call) used on the web.